a picture of me

-Photo by Izzy Gramp-

I'm Grace Bruxner, Creative Director of Worm Club and the Frog Detective series. Since 2016 I've worked on a range of games, including small-scale experimental work and larger commercial projects. I specialise in 3D art, writing, marketing and social media. I am a scoundrel. Please be nice to me. If you feed me cauliflower I will throw it up.

ACMI 2020 - (video)
GCAP 2020 - (video)
Parallels 2019 - (video)
GDC 2019 - (video)
ACMI 2019 - (video)
Fantastic Arcade 2018 - (video)
Play by Play 2018 - (video)
Fantastic Arcade 2017 -
Contours 2017 - (video)
Aus Comic Con 2017 -