a picture of me

-Photo by Izzy Gramp-

Hi! I'm Grace Bruxner, an independent game developer living in Melbourne, Australia. I make games about a frog detective. Also other games, but mostly frog detective games currently. I've been lucky enough to travel the globe to show my games. The Haunted Island is my first big title, but I've worked on many smaller experimental games during my 4 years in the industry.

Fantastic Arcade 2018 - Developer talk - Grace Bruxner - The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game (video)
Play by Play 2018 - Keynote - Grace Bruxner (video)
Fantastic Arcade 2017 - Developer talk - Grace Bruxner - ALIEN CASENO
Contours 2017 - Interview with Grace Bruxner (video)
Aus Comic Con 2017 - Satire and Sacrifice: Making Games Funny Panel